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Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record

Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record
 by: Jenny McLane

Volkswagen's Touareg has accomplished new heights in the realm of off-road capability. It has set a new world altitude record for a motor vehicle of 6,080 metres. Accomplished by a standard-engined Touareg 3.2 litre V8, this record has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records'? Book.

This feat was achieved on January 29 in the slopes of the world's highest volcano. The expedition team battled against icy winds and lack of oxygen to achieve this record. The altimeter and GPS system displayed the result of 6,080 metres. Currently, this is the highest point on the earth's surface that a vehicle can reach and safely return from. By reaching this altitude, the Touareg proves its abilities in extreme conditions and surpassed the performance of all other off-road vehicles.

Headed by Rainer Zietlow, the team of eight first went through the Atacama Desert, the world's driest area. The base camp is located above the salt lake Laguna Santa Rosa, famous for its pink flamingoes, 4,400 metres above sea level. From here the trail continues over stones and pebbles with an 80 per cent gradient, snow fields and soft volcanic sand. Driving the Touareg was Ronald Bormann, previous winner of the European Truck Trail competition.

In some sections of the mountainous terrain, huge rocks blocked the path. A winch, fitted as standard accessory to the Touareg Expedition, a special edition version, helped the team on its way. There were also spotlights fitted to the roof rack, which also accommodates spare wheels and rescue equipment. Because at 5,000 metres the air becomes thinner, the crew was given additional oxygen by altitude specialist Dr. Rainald Fischer, to prevent potentially life-threatening altitude sickness.

The route of the expedition was selected with the help of the Institute of Cartography at the University of Dresden following a four-week survey of the summit region for the purpose of making new maps. In return, the knowledge gained in the expedition will help the cartographers verify their work.

The Institute for Cartography at the University of Dresden helped to select the route to the summit following a recent four-week survey of the summit region for the purpose of making new maps. The knowledge gained by the expedition will help the cartographers verify their work. But the most important scientific aspect of the expedition was the installation of a seismographic station, managed by the Geological Research Centre in Potsdam in this region endangered by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

With this achievement, the Volkswagen Touareg establishes its reputation as a tough off-roader capable of meeting challenges such as extreme weather conditions and rocky terrain. Volkswagen's renowned excellence in automotive design is manifested in the Touareg, along with other models including the Golf, Jetta, and the new Beetle.

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