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Proper Installation Of Used Motorcycle Cables

Proper Installation Of Used Motorcycle Cables
 by: Granny's Mettle

Part and parcel of owning a bike is maintaining its appearance and its capability. Nevertheless, despite making sure that the parts and cables of the motorcycle give us maximum service, we cannot but accept that they have their own warranties and lifetimes.

Unlike artwork or antiques, motorcycles are made to be used and abused. With all the elements found in the environment, motorcycle parts will definitely have its final day. When that day comes and you don't have enough money to buy new ones, why not settle for used motorcycle parts, e.g. cables? With a few tinkering and proper installation, they might just provide you the service you need in many years to come.

Here are some suggestions for proper installation of used motorcycle parts and cables:

Tip #1: Inspect and make sure you have the correct cable. This is the very first step in getting the best used cable you need. Inspect the used cable for any major wear and tear. Remember that these are used cables so it will definitely have a few scratches; but it must not be too great that using it for just a few days will result in a total bust. After you have checked thoroughly, make sure you have the correct part for the application, e.g. correct cable ends, proper size casing ferrules, correct size, shape and thread size of adjusters/elbows, etc.

Tip #2: Make sure all adjusters are in "closed" position.

Tip #3: Use a direct route for the cables. Route your used cables from control to actuator in the most direct way possible. Keep cables away from hot surfaces and avoid sharp bends, as well as "kinks" in the housing or inner cable.

Tip #4: Adjust throttle/idle cables. These should be adjusted the carb/s will return to full close when off. Adjust any excessive freeplay and be sure throttle action is smooth and free from open to full close before starting the engine. Also make sure that the used cables do not bind together or hang up when there is full lock-to-lock movement of bars.

Tip #5: Make sure clutch/brake cables are routed properly. This is to avoid binding or hanging up the cables when there is full lock-to-lock movement of bars. Also, cables that are routed properly will not bind during compression of forks or suspension. Install lever and actuator fittings, adjust freeplay to correct specs and check for smooth-positive action. These are done before starting the bike.

Tip #6: Route the speedometer/tachometer cables using a direct path. Make sure that the cable will not hang up on the caliper when forks compressed on the front wheel drive speedometer cable. This is what usually happens with aftermarket calipers because they often come in a larger size or different shape. Always make sure that the inner cable is well-lubed with light grease when installing and removing. Clean and re-grease regularly for maintenance.

Tip #7: Avoid having contact with painted surfaces when installing stainless steel braided cables. The braided surfaces of these used cables are very abrasive. You can use shrink or spiral wrap and/or cable guides when needed. And because stainless braided cables are less flexible, always keep this in mind when getting measurements for applications that are tailored according to your specifications. Clean and lube like any conventional cable assemblies.

And like any other used motorcycle parts, keep used cables clean and properly lubricated when necessary. Always check on the proper adjustments and inspect for any wear and tear on a regular basis. Signs to look out for are torn or worn housing, frayed wires, and signs of bending or kinking at the controls.

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