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Car Ground Effects : Should You Install Yourself ??

Car Ground Effects : Should You Install Yourself ??
 by: Marc Deschamps

To make your car handle and look better you need the right car ground effects. Use aero-dynamic wings, spoilers, dams or skirts to get the down force plus the stylish look you have been looking for. These car ground effects features are not just pretty add-on's, they are designed to really work on your car, truck, jeep or suv ! Generally, they are wind-tunnel tested to generate huge rear down force to dramatically improve traction and keep your vehicle stable at high speeds without draining power from the engine.

In general you will save a bundle if you buy car ground effects from distributors carrying non OEM aftermarket brands (not the accessory offered by the dealer). The quality is comparable and the cost is much lower. If you install yourself you will save even more. But, should you be installing car ground effects yourself ? The answer depends on your skills and on the type of part and material selected.

Car ground effects products made in urethane and with simple designs are generally easier to install because they are lightweight and flexible. They usually come with double back 3M high strength tape which bonds the parts to your car tightly. Some manufacturers (like Wings West) offer great videos and detailed instructions on the installation of ground effects for cars. Products made out of fiberglass or with more elaborate designs, such as design style side skirts, require a lot of skills and experience. To explain it is important to understand the full process.

Installation is not the only step required in order to have a finished product. Before final installation there is a "dry fitting" procedure involved which requires experience in order to accomplish it properly, then there is the prepping procedure, installation and of course painting. Dry fitting refers to the procedure where the installer makes all the necessary adjustment to the product in order to make it fit perfectly. It involves trimming, grinding and filling gaps in order to have the pieces fit the contour of the car. This is a procedure that is best left to a professional body man who has done this type of work before, since he can do it a lot faster and cheaper then someone who has no experience.

If you are considering the purchase of car ground effects made out of fiberglass or with elaborate designs find the right shop to do the installation for you, before you make the purchase, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Look for a body man that has at least 1 year experience in installing all types of ground effects in different materials. He would be able to do the job in less time for less money, then a body man with 30 years of experience but who has never installed a car ground effect before.

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