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BMW and Clean Energy

BMW and Clean Energy
 by: Jenny McLane

BMW is committing its engineering resources to honing the technology that enables it to use hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels. Though the hydrogen concept has long been espoused and may be old news to many, the recent engineering and marketing breakthroughs for the proliferation of more hydrogen powered BMW cars is something new.

In the late 1990s, BMW was worried if its hydrogen fueled will actually gain a following despite its obvious environmental advantage. People have gotten used to the ease of driving through a gas station for refueling, that same comfort is not available with the hydrogen car. And though hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, energy companies will not be easy to convince to build hydrogen stations if the market is minimal.

But BMW'?s dedication and commitment to educate the public against preconceived notions such as vehicular performance and safety has paid of. Several years after the company first brought the idea to the public, BMW reports of unprecedented record sales in 2004.

2005 brought more success to the Bimmer as its H2R reaped accolades and awards proving that it can perform at par with its gas-guzzling contemporaries.

BMW is the world leader in the development of hydrogen cars with internal combustion engines," said Tom Purves, chairman and CEO of BMW Group (U.S.). "We believe that in the output range above 140 horsepower, there is still no other clean, practical alternative to hydrogen.

"The H2R concept car is more than a mere exercise. We will offer customers a production car with a hydrogen combustion engine during the production period of the current BMW 7 series."

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Jenny McLane works as a Market Analyst for one of the country's leading auto parts distributors. She has been in the auto parts industry for over ten years now.